Grandmothers are the protectors of a child’s imagination; they ward off evil spirits and have a remedy for any illness. In “Waters of March”, illness and grief transform a young boy’s life as he grapples with the loss of his grandmother in this exploration of grief and how it affects a family.


Short (16mins) Narrative | United States of America





Chase Johnson Photograph of Chase Johnson Chase Johnson is an up and coming director based in Los Angeles, CA, with Waters of March being his debut short. Chase's work is based on the cultural significance of the West African "Griot”, one who is tasked with preserving oral tradition carried by storytellers of all walks of life. Chase wishes to tell tales of humans that exist today and reimagine the futures of those who will exist tomorrow. In these narratives, he has dedicated himself to exploring the complex nuisances and "grey areas" embedded within our own concepts of identity politics and ways of being.