Two high school students are faced with life-changing choices as they try to navigate their love and the difficult circumstances that surround them. Tackling the contemporary issues of teenage pregnancy, abortion, suicide and illegal drugs, “Choosing Destiny” follows young people at a crossroads in their lives.


Medium Length (35mins) Narrative | Trinidad and Tobago



Angelo Berkeley Photograph of Angelo Berkeley Angelo Berkeley is an Upper Sixth student at Signal Hill Secondary School with a passion for film and theatre. He was the main camera man, one of the supporting actors and the director of "Choosing Destiny", which highlighted various social issues such as suicide, teenage pregnancy, broken homes and financial instability. He was also strongly involved in his school’s drama club S.H.A.P.E Up Productions and has been an active member and actor for the past five years. Angelo is also a musician and songwriter with training in seven instruments with key focus on the guitar and drums. Angelo’s current goal is to pursue film and theatre at university level.
Shemaiah Trotman Photograph of Shemaiah Trotman Shemaiah Trotman is a fifth form student of Signal Hill Secondary. She is multitalented both on and offstage. She has training in cultural dance, performed at Music Festival before joining SHAPE Up Productions, her school's drama club where she blossomed on stage. She auditioned for the lead role and took on the character Jayde in the film "Choosing Destiny". As she became invested in the project, her role widened to director – her knowledge of the film made her an asset in the editing of the film. Trotman's future goals are to pursue writing for film and theatre as well as costume design, another skill she developed as co-designer of her costumes for the film.