With 50 per cent of the Caribbean’s coral reefs already lost, young diver Katie Leeper is putting all her energy and effort into rebuilding the coral reefs of Curaçao. Following this determined environmentalist, “Diving for Balance” is the story of Leeper and the Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao (CRFC), a non-profit organisation working on restoring the country’s shallow-water coral reefs through a process of growing baby corals and replanting them in the sea. An inspiring portrait of people devoting their lives to saving the dying reefs.


Short (26mins) Documentary | Curaçao



Steff Donkers and Sara Cornelissen Photograph of Steff Donkers and Sara Cornelissen As filmmakers, Steff Donkers and Sara Cornelissen are passionate about the passion of others, "We want to dedicate a film to the people who put all their effort into saving and restoring coral, that is 'overlooked' by so many others," they have said. Steff grew up in Curacao and has been diving since she was 11 years old. She loves the Island and its beautiful reefs, however, she never knew how important those reefs were until she met Katie. Sara grew up in the Netherlands and has never dived, but she loves to contribute to a better world and hopes that one day everybody will know as much about coral and its uniqueness as she does right now.