“Man here can take two weeks. When you have a whole month, they’re already gone ”. In a wooden shed on the east side of São Paulo, 16 women work at Cooperativa Filadelphia, which has been working for a decade sorting recyclable material. The women’s hands quickly separate the products, collected by the cooperative members in the city of São Paulo and received through a partnership with the City Hall. As they work, one issue inevitably comes up: why don’t men last as workers at the cooperative?


Short (7mins) Documentary | Brazil



Dani Drumond Photograph of Dani Drumond Born in Belo Horizonte / MG, Dani Drumond has a degree in Social Communication from the University of São Paulo and a student of Arts at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. He works as a documentary filmmaker and director of photography. Under the guidance of Ateliers Varan in the H2O Cine Recife workshop, he made the short film Carne e Casca (2016, 16 '), shown in festivals and exhibitions in Brazil and France. He directed, photographed and edited Banzo (2018, 3 '); Filadelphia (2017, 8 '), winner of the best film award by the FAVERA 2018 popular jury; Dollmaker (2018, 3 '), awarded as best film by the popular jury of the 5th Super OFF; and I want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees (2020, 13 '). He directed the photography of the short films Cantareira (2019, 26 '), by Rodrigo Ribeiro, and Handala (2020, 20'), by Khaled Aldeek.