Amina is a gothic teenager who’s failing at school. An unexpected discovery gives her the chance to change all of her grades to A+ by solving four puzzles. Amina decides to take up the challenge, but will she succeed?


Short (16mins) Narrative | Martinique



Sarah Carmen Marlin Photograph of Sarah Carmen Marlin Sarah-Carmen Marlin is a student at the Victor Schœlcher high school, specialising in literature and theatre. She discovered the world of cinema in 2017 when she worked as a volunteer with the C.A.D.I.C.E Ciné Woulé association, then she joined the "Passeurs d'IImages" workshops to learn how to create films. She was able to wear several hats such as production designer, assistant, clapman. In 2019, she worked as an assistant cinematographer then made her directorial debut with her first short film "Tabula Rasa", produced thanks to a team of 30 young cinema lovers.