When a student who is constantly bullied reaches his breaking point, he decides that something needs to be done to get back at his bullies and embarks on a plan that puts him on a path of darkness.


Short (10mins) Art / Experimental | Trinidad and Tobago



Sai Saidu Photograph of Sai Saidu Sai Saidu is a 19 year old amateur photographer and filmmaker. He uses film as a means of self-expression, and also as a way to document the goings-on in the complex world around him. Each film tells its own story in its own way, and that is what makes filmmaking such an infinitely interesting hobby. His interest in film started at quite a young age when his dad first bought a digital camcorder to immortalize special moments in his life, with the only confines being the limit of the memory stick. Over time, he began to learn, and more importantly, understand, the rules of film.