Velare is a special girl: she is invisible to the people who love her. As she starts a new relationship, she is afraid that the boy will fall in love and thus lose sight of her. She decides to do everything she can to delay his love, but the inevitable happens. She remains optimistic about continuing the relationship, but what awaits her ahead?


Short (6mins) Narrative | United States of America



Kayla Sun Photograph of Kayla Sun Kayla Sun is one of the recipients of the 2020 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Production Grant, and is currently a student at University of Southern California in film and television production. She wrote and directed the narrative “Shop”(2017), which screened at several festivals internationally, the experimental film “Awake”(2017) which exhibited at MUST’s Todd Art Gallery, and “Hail The Goer”(2015) at Vanderbilt Art Centre.