A young boy dreams of being a cricketer but, like almost everyone else, ends up having an ordinary job. Nevertheless, his passion never dies and he lives his dream every day for the rest of his life.


Short (4mins) Narrative | India



Harsh Khurana Photograph of Harsh Khurana Harsh Khurana is a media student pursuing his passion for filmmaking and photography alongside his academics in Mumbai, India. He made his directorial debut in 2019 with the short film ‘Ekaki’ and has now written, directed, and shot 4 short films along with 3 short ad films. His latest short films - Wicket and Punarnav - won the ‘Short Film of The Day’ appreciation by Shorted and stood as semi-finalists in MOIFF and Lisbon Film Rendevouz. He was also awarded the ‘Best Cinematographer’ for Punarnav by MFP2020. Being very new to the field filmmaking, he is always looking for opportunities to brush-up his skills. Apart from being a promising filmmaker, he excels in academics and has been topping his university for 2 years. His hobbies include playing instruments like flute, keyboard, and guitar; traveling, exploring new places, fantasizing about things that are never going to happen, and of course, watching movies.