Thirteen-year-old Santosh sells flowers for a living, helping to support his family. He lives with his uncle in Mumbai, the ‘City of Dreams’, but his life is one of deprivation, a daily struggle for survival. As a result, he seeks solace in a world of fantasy where all of his adolescent needs—physical, mental and sexual—are satisfied. A unique and troubling story unfolds as a consequence of this world of fantasy and imagination.


Short (20mins) | India



Mayur Dhamapurkar Photograph of Mayur Dhamapurkar Mayur Dhamapurkar has a post graduate degree film and television from Mumbai University, prior to which he was associated with renowned theatre groups and wrote and directed several plays. He has written a short film based on unemployment, "Seat Down" which was officially selected for MAMI (2013) and other national film festivals. Dhamapurkar's diploma film, "MinKeen", also participated in national and international film festivals. "Filmmaking is not only my passion but I assimilate this craft that represents my personal life."