“One Word” is a documentary about the impacts of climate change on the Republic of the Marshall Islands and its people. Most parts of the Marshall Islands are less than 5.9 feet above sea level. Forecasts predict the uninhabitability of the country by 2050. The movie was developed and filmed with the inclusion of Marshallese people through film workshops run over a period of nine months. The filmmakers trusted the Marshallese to be the only reliable experts on the story of their land.


Feature (83mins) Documentary | Germany





Viviana Uriona Photograph of Viviana Uriona Born in Argentina in 1973, Viviana Uriona has lived in Germany since 1996. She has a degree in political science, studying first at the University of Cologne, later at the Free University of Berlin. She is currently finishing her doctorate in social movements and community radios in Latin America. In 2015, Viviana and Mark Uriona released the full feature documentary, "No Rest. No Haste." – a movie about the battle over the land between the indigenous population of Argentina and transnational agribusinesses. In 2012, they released the full feature documentary, "Sachamanta", which deals with community radio stations in northern Argentina and their role in defending the land of the indigenous communities against land grabbing. Both of these films were produced with a participatory approach.