Retired from the world and living in the foothills of the Vauclin mountain (Martinique), Monchoachi writes every afternoon after his morning walk in forests of the island. Poet (he says that one should pronounce this word while trembling), philosopher and essayist, he tries to build a thought that he claims to be wild. A thought detached from the occident, therefore eminently free. Many have drawn from his work a strength of resistance, creation and survival in the face of the violence of contemporary society. A journey with Monchoachi is a way to find echoes of our inquiries about our place in the world, in relation to Nature, the Word and the Sacred.


Feature (69mins) Documentary | Martinique



Arlette Pacquit Photograph of Arlette Pacquit Arlette Pacquit is a journalist and director based in Martinique. She has written and directed several films on Caribbean culture. Her documentary feature “Sons and Daughters of Vietnam” (2015) produced by SaNoSi Productions, was awarded Best Caribbean Film at RCM Martinique and Best Diaspora Film at Africlap Festival in Toulouse.