What happens when the leading national museum focuses its gaze on the history of slavery and the Netherlands? “Nieuw Licht” is a highly topical documentary about the genesis of the slavery exhibition in the Rijksmuseum. This film shows – up close and personal – how painful and bitter, but at the same time healing and liberating, compiling the exhibition was. In “Nieuw Licht” we can see what it means when a museum reinvents itself.


Medium Length (57mins) Documentary | The Netherlands



Ida Does Photograph of Ida Does Ida Does is a documentary maker and producer whose work focuses on (colonial) history, art and culture, social justice and (Caribbean) literary pioneers. Her work has won multiple prizes at film festivals. Her documentary, “Amsterdam, Traces of Sugar” won best documentary at the Caribbean Tales IFF, where she was also honoured as the best female director of colour (2017). Her prizewinning film, “Poetry is an island, Derek Walcott”, has been screened worldwide at over 40 festivals and theatres. She is currently working on a film portrait of professor Philomena Essed, a pioneering thinker on everyday racism in the Netherlands.