In the early 20th century, Liborio, a peasant, disappears in a hurricane and returns as a prophet. He says he’s been given a mission: to bring the good and take away the evil, curing the sick and teaching by example. People begin to congregate by his side and they move to the mountains to have total freedom and develop the dream of an independent community. Everything changes when the invading US Marines want to disarm and disband the community. Liborio wants to avoid a confrontation but knows that they can’t run forever.


Feature (98mins) Narrative | Dominican Republic



Nino Martinez Sosa Photograph of Nino Martinez Sosa After studying film at Santo Domingo University, Nino Martinez Sosa won a scholarship to specialise in editing at the EICTV of San Antonio de Los Baños in Cuba, where he later became the coordinator of the editing department. He moved to Spain and began a prolific career as an editor, working on several award-winning feature films and documentaries, such as: “The Hours of the Day” and “Solitary Fragments”.