Donny, a middle aged struggling and defeated painter returns to Trinidad sponsored by Anya, a young, highly successful former protégé after failing to find success abroad. Donny is offered work by an anonymous client to paint a portrait of Christopher Columbus for a powerful political entity. Against his values and a need for financial independence from Anya, he accepts the job offer only to be paid more than money as Christopher Columbus is reborn from the painting in human form. Hunted by the political entity, Donny and Anya seek refuge remotely only for Anya to be betrayed by her former mentor.


Medium Length (30mins) Narrative | Trinidad and Tobago



Yasha Hanoomansingh Photograph of Yasha Hanoomansingh Yasha Hanoomansingh is a filmmaker who is soon to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies as well as Film Production from the UWI, St Augustine. She has worked on various student film projects as writer, director, actor, editor and videographer, and also works as a freelance creator in the local media. Yasha’s work, “Jai” about the late Cpt. Kemraj Singh, was screened at the trinidad+tobago film festival.
David Parris Photograph of David Parris David Parris is a graduate of the UWI Film Programme with a double major in Film Production and Film Studies. He has starred in, written and directed several short films for the university. His documentary, “Tattoo’d” (2019) screened at the trinidad+tobago film festival as well as his experimental film, “Palindrome” (2020). He runs his film production company, Redakted Artists, with his friends Rebekah Guillen and Kirk Garner.