After feeling threatened by an appliance company delivery man, Carmen’s daily life becomes overrun by conflict and violence when she notices the other beings that inhabit her surroundings.


Short (24mins) Narrative | Brazil



Mariah Teixeira Photograph of Mariah Teixeira Mariah Teixeira is an actress, director and producer. She has been acting since 2006 in feature films, shorts, miniseries and plays, including performance in the films “Baixio das Bestas” and “Sol Alegria”. “Rafameia” is her first work as a director.
Nanda Félix Photograph of Nanda Félix With an extensive career as an actress and director in theatre, Nanda Félix is also a writer. She has been published in magazines such as Folha de São Paulo and Hysteria and released her first book, A Country In The Middle Of The Sea in 2017. She’s currently writing her second book, A Reasonable Woman.