Elsie holds Algie captive in the basement of her father’s unfinished church. Elsie administers heavy-handed punishment, juxtaposed with a lesson in Jamaican history while she sews a quilt. She struggles with the notion of forgiveness. Ending his life seems easier. Furthermore, justice may not be served to her satisfaction by the penal system.


Short (26mins) Narrative | Jamaica



Andre Wynter Photograph of Andre Wynter Andre Wynter brings compelling, creative stories to life and is on a mission to tell multi-layered, authentic Jamaican stories while focusing on improving the financial viability of Jamaican cinema, thus, creating a robust, self-sufficient industry for the island's future creatives. Andre won best director at the LA Sun and Brazilian Independent Film Festival for “Sweet Rind”. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from UWI, Mona and is pursuing his Master’s in Film and Television at Savannah College of Arts and Design in the USA.