This short experimental film explores the visual architecture of the moving image. Using the special case of continuous lateral movement created from filming from a moving train, the film trails and loops across the screen, revealing the passing landscape. Filmed from the passenger compartment of the Berlin Ring-Bahn, the extended vision of the scenery includes surreptitious graffiti, elongated buildings, and a spatially compressed, passing train. The musical accompaniment is constructed from the original audio and created through the manipulation of delay-effect frequencies.


Short (3mins) Art / Experimental | United States of America



Jeffrey Moser Photograph of Jeffrey Moser Jeffrey Moser is an experimental filmmaker and researcher of the visual dynamics of time-based media. He is an assistant professor of Interactive Design at West Virginia University. He holds an associate’s degree in Graphic Design, a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, and an MFA in Studio Art. His video art has been exhibited internationally, including at the US National Gallery of Art, in the GBiennale Underground Film Festival in Geelong, Australia, and at On Art - Poland.