“Errantry” is a multi-channel video installation that centres the polyphonic rhythms of the coastal space, the surrounding Caribbean Sea, and the life sustained by them. Shot on location on the south coast of Jamaica with Fisherman and Painter, Tommy Wong.


Short (11mins) Art / Experimental | Jamaica



Simon Benjamin Photograph of Simon Benjamin Simon Benjamin is a Jamaican artist and filmmaker living in New York, whose work includes experiential installations, photography, film, and sculpture. Through research, oral history, and critical fabulation, he calls attention to the contradictions entangled in the enduring myths and images of the Caribbean as tropical paradise – a carefully constructed imaginary that replaced the harsh reality of the exploitative plantation. Rethinking the relationship of margin to centre in archival representation, vernacular materials, such as cornmeal and fish traps, become sculptural elements, embedding multiple temporalities and narratives.