A video narrative made in the isolated months of the first London Lockdown, “Flight Path” is a work that interrogates the notion of ‘reaching’ – of attainment and accomplishment – in regards to both the physical act of movement and attempting to advance oneself, and in examination of the concessions and negotiations involved in making advancements towards one’s final destination.


Short (4mins) Art / Experimental | Trinidad and Tobago



Lisa-Marie Harris Photograph of Lisa-Marie Harris Lisa-Marie Harris is an artist from Trinidad & Tobago, living and working in London, UK. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, London UK, with an MA distinction in Contemporary Photography: Practices and Philosophies, Lisa-Marie was selected as the 2021/ 2022 recipient of the Helen Scott Lidgett Award, and is the 2021 winner of the Jane Carole Clarke Memorial Award. Her hybrid process investigates the idea of body as an object. It considers the absence of bodies alongside a breaking-apart and putting-together of form. Reproduction, lineage, and personal histories inform her work, with the body viewed as a thing to rearrange, depart and remove as notions around how we dehumanise, machine, and commoditise the body are examined, and reconstituted.