Ever wondered what it may feel like for a bipolar patient who is going through a manic episode? “Clash” combines several creative elements in order to explore that reality. The idea itself was born out of the understanding that there is so much stigma around mental health conditions in the West Indies and there ought to be ways in which these conversations can be sparked.


Short (4mins) | Trinidad and Tobago



Kwame E. Boatswain Photograph of Kwame E. Boatswain Kwame Emmanuel Boatswain is a photographer who found a passion for filmmaking which grew stronger when he chose to pursue it on a tertiary level. Aside from leaning his intellectual lens on social topics, he uses his photography background to influence the way he creates his brand of films. He believes that when it comes to the Caribbean narrative, there is much to be explored and there’s nothing like the power of cinema to tap into that untouched well of stories that are waiting to be told.
Xavier Kistow- Davis Photograph of Xavier Kistow- Davis Xavier Kistow-Davis is a practicing visual artist with a passion for painting and chess. He majors in Visual Arts at the University of the West Indies. His involvement in the film programme was brief but worthwhile, having learnt about the different audio and visual dynamics of film as well as its social implications and how important representation is.