In Martinique, three women survivors of incest are trying to rebuild their lives. Confronted by strong taboos on the island, they dare to speak out to break the silence around these crimes and explore their deep wounds. “Scolopendres et papillons” is an intimate look at the womens’ resilience: Fabienne, association manager, Agnès, artist and Daniely, actress and director. Like butterflies, bruised by ferocious centipede bites, each tries to spread their wings again…


Medium Length (52mins) Documentary | France, Martinique



Laure Martin Hernandez Photograph of Laure Martin Hernandez A radio and print journalist for more than 20 years, Laure Martin Hernandez is an author and director of documentary films. Born in Auvergne in 1970, she lives and works in Martinique where she is interested in social issues, artistic creations and environmental themes in the Caribbean. She works regularly with Vianney Sotès with whom they have co-directed seven films including "Amazones, Art de revivre" in 2017 and "Scolopendres et Papillons" in 2019.
Vianney Sotes Photograph of Vianney Sotes I was born in Nantes (France) on October 16, 1978. Passionate about photography and video, I went to Paris in 1997 to do an audiovisual training in two years (a BTS Audiovisual in image option). I worked very quickly in the field of television and web tv since I was entrusted with the production of tv programs in Toulouse on Occitanià Télévision then for the multimedia group of the Dépêche du Midi. At the same time, I also make video clips and try my hand at staging fiction. I then moved to Martinique in 2002 and became part of the show as a director, cameraman-editor. From then on, I multiply the projects of programs, clips, pubs and the documentary genre. I personally equip myself with shooting and post-production equipment to develop personal projects. For my apprenticeship in the documentary genre, I partnered with author journalist Laure Martin Hernandez and co-directed several films that often address cultural and artistic themes. I am also increasing my collaborations with different producers (Poischiches Films, BCI, 1.Ctwo, Bérénice Médias Corp.…). In 2017, still with Laure Martin Hernandez, I signed the film "Amazons the art of reviving", a very personal film that addresses the subject of post-breast cancer reconstruction by following my partner over several months.