Songs of Redemption' captures the moving story of redemption and rehabilitation of inmates of the General Penitentiary in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Songs of Redemption reveals a stream of consciousness as told by Kingston prisoners incarcerated for crimes ranging from ‘illegal possession of firearm’ to ‘murder.’ The prison, once a concrete holding area for African slaves, is devoid of basic human necessities and reflects a reality of unimaginable consequence. The movie opens with a glimpse of city dogs living free in the streets with no means of support, while human counterparts behind the walls are imprisoned with the same lack of support, compounded by total loss of personal freedom. Interviews by inmates reveal sincere regret for the actions that led to a life of incarceration. The critical turning point is ignited through a growing a sense of self pride and identity, a channel to musically express remorse and the ability to warn the next youth from destructive behavior. The simplicity and complexity of freedom is captured throughout the film as birds fly in and out of the prison grounds only to fly freely away into the blue sky. As one inmate clearly states, redemption comes when the criminal moves from a very dark hopeless place into the light, the light of life and forgiveness.~ Sista Irie, Austin, Texas


Feature (79mins) Documentary Drama, | Jamaica, Spain





Fernando Guereta


Amanda Sans Pantling


Amanda Sans Pantling Amanda Sans Pantling is a documentary filmmaker and scriptwriter. She has written and directed several documentaries for different Spanish television stations, and has worked as a production manager and a scriptwriter on various TV programmes. She also directs commercials. Songs of Redemption is her latest film.
Miquel Galofre Miquel Galofré is a documentary filmmaker based in Trinidad and Tobago. His first film, Why Do Jamaicans Run so Fast? was a ttff/10 selection. His next film, Hit Me with Music, won the Jury Prize and the People’s Choice Award for Best Documentary at the ttff/11.