A homeless Jamaican boy, struggling to find his identity, encounters a life-changing crash incident.


Kinto lives on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, wiping the windscreens of passing cars at stoplight intersections to earn money. Ambushed and beaten by a group of other street boys, a desolate Kinto embraces his identity when he makes an unexpected act of kindness.


Short (16mins) Narrative Drama | Jamaica


English, Jamaican Patois with subtitles



Saeed Thomas
Leslie-Ann McDowell


Joshua Paul


Joshua Paul Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Joshua Paul is a film-maker entrepreneur with his eyes set on the principal objective of telling culturally and socially impactful stories. He has a strong interest in themes of realism, intra-personal conflict and how that conflict responds to external stimuli. On receiving his Bachelors in Film Production at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad in 2015, Joshua has been completely immersed into the life of an aspiring creative. He has produced a variety of productions including local secondary school football features, an internationally distributed cooking show, and various other features for television and the internet. In his film inventory, Joshua’s first major work was his final year university production, producing the short film The Misadventures of Brian and Sachin in 2015 which won best indigenous short at the World Festival of Emerging Cinema. After university, he directed Enhanced, the Jamaican superhero short film which was nominated for Best Short at the Urban Action International Film Festival at HBO, New York in 2016. Joshua has a passion for writing and directing which is aptly complemented with his love for all types of cinema.


Sekai Smart-Macaulay, Justin Hadeed Awn