A Dutch painter arrives in Curaçao and finds he's not so welcome after choosing a young black woman to be his model for a painting of the Virgin Mary


In 1940s Curaçao, Gabriel Goedbloed, a charismatic painter, arrives from Holland to paint a mural of the Virgin Mary in St Anna’s Church, under the request of its parish priest. The colonial Antillean society proves less than tolerant towards the visitor, especially after he chooses Ava—a young, mixed-race teacher, who is engaged to be married, as his model for the Virgin Mary.


Feature (100mins) Narrative Drama | The Netherlands, France, Netherland Antilles


Dutch, Papiamento with English subtitles



Norman de Palm Cosmic Illusion Production


Nashaira Desbarida, Cliff San-A-Jong, Theu Boermans, Carol Brown Winkel, Dolf de Vries, Geert de Jong, Geert de Jong, Edmond Classen, Frederik de Groot, Janine Veeren , Serge Ubrette, Rina Penso, Norman de Palm, Burny Every, Ana Muskus, Helen Kamperveen