In Perico, Cuba, an Afro-Cuban community has kept alive songs and dances brought from West Africa via the slave trade almost two centuries ago. Through years of searching, filmmaker Emma Christopher tried to find the origins of these cultural artefacts. Then, in a remote village in Sierra Leone, people watching a recording of the Cubans' songs and dances joyously declared “They are we!”, and joined in with the songs. In this extraordinary film, their Cuban brothers and sisters finally come home.


Feature (77mins) Cultural | Cuba, Sierra Leone, Australia


Spanish, English, Mende, Krio, Gbande, Kono



Emma Christopher


Humberto Casanova Corbea, Alfredo Duquesne Mora, Elvira Fumero Añi, Florinda Diago, Magdalena Mora Herrera, Yandrys Izquierdo Casanova, Baggie Kpanabum, Joe Allie