Based on true events that took place on Curaçao in 1795, this is the story of Tula, an enslaved African on the island of Curaçao, who is becoming more and more aware of the injustice existing between his people and the white oppressors. When he hears of the revolution in St Domingue and that France has ended slavery in her colonies, he downs tools and demands to meet with the governor, de Veer. His peaceful resistance is not looked upon kindly by the rulers. But it resonates with his own people, including old Shinishi. Inspired by Tula’s example, they unite in a passionate struggle for equality, freedom and brotherhood.


Feature (100mins) Drama, , War | Netherland Antilles, The Netherlands


English, Dutch



Jeroen Leinders
Ronald Nije
Gabri Christa


Jeroen Leinders


Danny Glover, Obi Abili, Jeroen Krabbe, Jereon Willems, Derek De Lint, Natalie Simpson, Paul Bazely