As a child, María was a simple and sensitive young girl with the strange habit of putting ladybugs in her mouth. After her mother dies in an accident, 18‐year‐old María decides to look for the father she has never met. María travels to a picturesque and supersticious little town in the Dominican Republic. María finds her father Joaquín living in a dark old house located in the middle of an abandoned banana plantation, which the locals claim to be haunted by spirits. He lives there with an enigmatic Haitian as his only companion. Having no one else in the world, she has no option but to stay with this drunken and recently widowed old man in this house where she will have to deal with the ghosts of the past that haunt them. The arrival of a mysterios and attractive young man from Puerto Rico will also get in the way of their reconciliation.


Feature (97mins) Drama | Dominican Republic





Leticia Tonos


Leticia Tonos


Julietta Rodrgiuez, Victor Checo, Andres "Velcro" Ramos, Gastner Legerme, Dionis Rufino, Kelent Ziaz, Frank Perozo, Jochy Santos, Vickiana