Revenge runs through the three segments making up this feature. In "The Midnite Affair", an American folklorist named Kevin comes to Trinidad with his girlfriend, Jessica. When the two get separated during Carnival, Kevin meets a seductive lounge singer named Charlie. Yet things aren’t as they seem, and Kevin discovers the stories he’s read about local folklore characters aren’t simply harmless legends. "Sweet T&T" tells the story of Sherry, an Englishwoman on vacation with her Trinidadian boyfriend, Anton. After Sherry goes missing, Anton receives a call demanding a ransom for her return. With the help of a friend he sets out to recover Sherry. Little does Anton know, however, the shock that awaits him. Finally, in "Radica", a fishing village is thrown into turmoil after a series of suicides. Superstitious residents blame a murdered young woman whose unavenged spirit they claim is not at rest. A psychiatrist comes to the village to get to the bottom of the matter, but has the terror only just begun?


Feature (90mins) Thriller | Trinidad and Tobago





Darisha Beresford


Ryan Khan
Andre Johnson
Francis Escayg
Timmy Mora


Keshav Singh, Kerri Tucker, Kern Samuel, Natalie Mackay, Arnold Goindhan, Ria Ali