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Tú y yo (You and Me) Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada, 2013 | Dominican Republic | Spanish |
| Feature Documentary

The Mrs, an old widow, and Aridia, her young domestic servant, live together in an orchid-filled house in Santo Domingo. Aridia cleans, the Mrs gardens; sometimes they gossip. But the atmosphere can get tense: when the Mrs gets angry with Aridia and Aridia defends herself, the Mrs reminds her “where her place is.” "You and Me" is a moving, closely observed portrait of the complex relationship between two women that goes beyond merely employer and employee.

Cast: Paula Lebrón, Francisca Pérez de Sosa

Awards: "Best Feature Documentary Feature" - trinidad+tobago film festival, 2014.

"Best Feature Documentary: “Cibervoto” Award" – 36 Habana International Film Festival.

  • keywords:
  • class, race, domestic servant, relationships, widow, housekeeper