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The Harder They Come Perry Henzell, International Films Management 1972 | Jamaica | English |
| Narrative Feature

Ivanhoe Martin arrives in Kingston, Jamaica, with dreams of becoming a successful reggae singer. After some initial struggles in which he is jailed for a knife fight, he lands a recording contract as a reggae singer and records his first song, "The Harder They Come". After a bitter dispute with a manipulative and corrupt producer named Hilton, and the drug pushers he's connected to, Ivan finds himself resorting to petty crime in order to pay his bills. He deals marijuana, kills some abusive cops during a malicious raid, and earns local folk hero status when his recording is released and tops the charts.

Produced by : International Films Management

Cast: Jimmy Cliff, Janet Bartley, Carl Bradshaw

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  • reggae, marijuana, drugs, crime