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The files (Las carpetas) Maité Rivera Carbonell, Margarita Aponte, José Alayón 2011 | Puerto Rico, Spain | Spanish |
| Documentary

The Puerto Rican police, with support from the FBI, spied on and persecuted those who disagreed with the Government for decades. The information obtained was kept in records referred to as «the files». This documentary tells the story of the victims and agents involved in this political persecution. Their testimonies reveal the scope of that persecution and the consequences that impacted their lives. Through their personal stories, the documentary describes a collective story. Drawing on the past as an example, it will outline the present. Do such practices still continue today? Who are the new victims?

Produced by : Margarita Aponte, José Alayón

Awards: Documentary, Second Coral Award - International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, 33rd Edition, 2011.