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Siméon Euzhan Palcy, Saligna Production 1992 | Martinique, France | French |
| Narrative Feature

An old, much loved and respected music teacher known as Mad Simeon lives in a little West Indian village. His star pupil, Isidore, a talented guitarist, is a car mechanic by trade. But they both share a crazy dream, to create a new type of West Indian music that will become as widely known as jazz or reggae.

Produced by : Saligna Production

Cast: Jean-Claude Duverger, Jacob Desvarieux, Jocelyne Béroard,
Lucinda Messager, Pascal Legitimus

Awards: Silver Raven Award - Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film, 1993.

Golden Senghor for Best Director - Ouagadougou Film Festival, 1993.

Special Jury Prize - Brussels Film Festival, 1993.

Prix de la Jeuness - Milan Film Festival, 1993.

Ban Zil Kreol Award - Montreal Film Festival, 1993.

Public Award - Philadelphia, 1993.

  • keywords:
  • fairytale, zouk, village life, music