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Rain Maria Govan, Maria Govan, Nate Kohn, Pamela Kohn, Francis J. Kuzler, Molly M. Mayeux 2008 | The Bahamas | English |
| Narrative Feature

When Rain's beloved grandmother dies she is forced to trade her simple but happy life on Ragged Island for the uncertainties of living in the capital with her mother, Glory, who abandoned her while a baby. Home becomes a two-room Nassau shack and Glory proves unfit for parental duties, being a drug addict, a prostitute, and quite possibly HIV positive. Rain seems destined for a bleak future, but for one thing: she is a promising sprinter. Her school’s track teacher, the Trinidadian Ms Adams, becomes coach and mother figure to Rain, who is determined, almost literally, to outrun her fate.

Produced by : Maria Govan, Nate Kohn, Pamela Kohn, Francis J. Kuzler, Molly M. Mayeux

Cast: Renel Naomi Brown, Irma P. Hall, Nicki Micheaux, CCH Pounder

Awards: "Audience Award" - Gay and Lesbian Festival, France.

"Audience Award" - Paris Lesbian Feminist Film Festival.

"Best New Director/First Film" and "Best Film" - Pan African Film Festival.

"Graines de cinéphage" (awarded by the young audience) - Créteil International Women's Film Festival, France.

"Audience Award" - Bahamas International Film Festival, 2008.

"Best Teen Movie" - Women's International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea.

"Special Mention" - New Voices, New Visions Competition, Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2008.

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  • sex, drugs, sexuality, HIV, AIDS, mentor, sports, education, track and field, running, Caribbean life, coming of age