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Potoprens sé Pam (Port au Prince, ma Ville) Rigoberto López Pego, Frantz Voltaire, ICAIC, CIDIHCA Montreal 2000 | Haiti, Cuba | French |
| Feature Documentary

Inhabitants of Port au Prince talk about their disconcerting city. This chaotic megopolis, also a surrealist city is visited by writers Breton and Malraux. It is a canvas on which the tremendous artistic creativity of its inhabitants dictates its relationship with the world. What will become of Port au Prince and its inhabitants? Ths is a metaphor of third world cites, a vast urban landscape trying to show us the issues related to urbanization. This film was shot during the city’s bicentennial, and is a must-see.

Produced by : ICAIC, CIDIHCA Montreal

  • keywords:
  • capital, social issues, overpopulation, degradation, infrastructure, melting pot