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Nuttin Bafflin Allison Wilmarth Kovak, Donna Davis, Sarah Hoeppner, Allison Wilmarth 2011 | Anguilla | English |
| Feature Documentary

The tradition of building sailboats goes back centuries in Anguilla, and is indelibly linked with this tiny, arid, seaward-looking island’s history of struggle and survival. Today Anguillans celebrate their love of the sea and sailing with enthralling, fiercely competitive sailboat races. Nuttin Bafflin—the term means no bad winds are ahead—is not only the fascinating story of the famed Anguilla sailboat, but also the story of the resilience, creativity and determination of a people.

Produced by : Donna Davis, Sarah Hoeppner, Allison Wilmarth

Awards: "Historical and Cultural Film" Tellys - 33rd Annual Telly Awards.

"Award of Excellence" - Canada International Film Festival, 2012.

"Honorable Mention for International Films" - Los Angeles Movie Awards, 2012.

Nominated for "Best Diaspora" - San Diego Film Festival.

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  • boat racing, generational, sport, competitiveness, postcolonial, Battle of Anguilla, economy, poverty, depression, determination