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Nueba Yol: ¡Por fin llegó Balbuena! Angel Muñiz, Cigua Films D'Pelicula 1995 | Dominican Republic | Spanish |
| Narrative Feature

Balbuena is hoping to go to New York to improve his family's living situation. After the death of his wife, he decides to undertake the trip and leave the Dominican Republic. With the help of his cousin Fellito he is able to obtain a US visa and Balbuena arrives in the big city, where he has always dreamed of living. He is welcomed by another cousin, Pedro, and his life appears to be going well but, as an immigrant, Balbuena realises too late the reality and suffering the foreign city will have on him.

Produced by : Cigua Films D'Pelicula

Cast: Luisito Marti, Caridad Ravelo, Raúl Carbonell

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  • immigration, American Dream