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Nous, Dans ce Pays Bouleversé (Récits de Guyane) Christiane Succab-Goldman, KS VISIONS 2003 | Guadeloupe | French |
| Feature Documentary

From Cayenne to Kourou, St Laurent and Apatou on the other side of the Maroni river, this film explores today’s French Guiana, retracing the journey across the country by Guianais poet Léon-Gontran Damas in 1938. Essential phrases from his phenomenal “Retour de Guyane” are combined with the producer’s notes and observations. Revisiting these upheavals reveal the social and economic malaise that pervaded the country for many years, as it was haunted by the ghosts of the labour prisons and disrupted by the emergence of the European space centre.

Produced by : KS VISIONS

  • keywords:
  • portrait, natural landscape, human geography, social issues, modernisation, globalisation