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Milo Poko Mo Fabienne Kanor, Jean-Michel Casérus, La Lanterne 2008 | Martinique | French |
| Feature Documentary

Sainte-Marie is a town nestled in the north of Martinique, with fields near the water, and was once dotted with sugar cane arrows and plantations. Here on the northern Atlantic coast, rural bélè music, was born and brought by great men, most of whom are no longer around. Emile Casérus, called Ti-Emile, was one of the masters of this dance. On the bélè route, a father and son meet. One asks questions and the other is the “answerer”. The first searches for what the second has found and has no time to convey it before he dies. Ti Emile Pòkò Mò is the story of Jean-Michel Casérus “on the voice” of his father Ti Emile (1928–1992).

Produced by : La Lanterne

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  • bélè, rural, music, dance, musical tradition, portrait