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Maris de Nuit (Night Husbands) Fabienne Kanor, Gilles Le Mao (La Huit) 2011 | Martinique, Burkina Faso, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

The sandman has passed through. You sleep and dream that someone is making love to you. At daybreak you realize with horror that this is not an erotic dream. What happened? Was it a spirit that visited you in the night? In Burkina Faso as in Martinique this is what some women say has happened, when they are unhappy in love or they are unable to have children. Apart from shared beliefs, Maris de nuit examines the relationship between men and women. What is the importance of the man in a couple? What is his place?

Produced by : Gilles Le Mao (La Huit)

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  • love, dreams, reality, loneliness, Dorlis women, Burkina Faso, portrait