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Le Profit et Rien d'Autre Raoul Peck, JBA Production, ARTE France/ Film du paradoxe 2000 | Haiti, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

I am from a country where figures have no meaning. Bill Gates is worth 90 billion euros, Haiti’s GDP for the next 30 years. There are countries where the poor sell their organs to the highest bidder, where people sell their children, and sometimes their vote. There are others where people put a value to their consciences the way prices are quoted on the stock exchange. Who says the economy serves man? I come from a country that technically does not exist, like two-thirds of a planet, sold for a fistful of dollars.
- From Port-à-Piment, Raoul Peck begins to reflect on the notion of profit at a time of globalization.

Produced by : JBA Production, ARTE France/ Film du paradoxe

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  • politics, economics, sociology, capitalism, globalisation