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Le Pays à L’Envers Sylvaine Dampierre, Stéphane Sansonetti 2009 | Guadeloupe, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

Returning to the island that his father left 50 years earlier, the filmmaker goes back in time to retrace the history of his name. During this initiatory journey to his father’s childhood home, his quest takes us back to the time of slavery. In the archives, in creole gardens or the ruins of sugar factories, living memories cross paths, showing the vision of a country where narratives, bodies and music speak forcefully of a history that continues to resonate.

Produced by : Stéphane Sansonetti

Cast: Jean Dampierre, Manuel Gomez, Lena Blou, Michael Rogers

Awards: Intangible Heritage Award - Cinéréel, Paris, France, 2009.

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  • slavery, sugar cane, ruins, memory