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L'avenir est Ailleurs Antoine Leonard-Maestrati, Michel Reinette, Cinema Public Filma, Doriane Films 2006 | Guadeloupe, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

In 1963, poverty is rampant in the French Caribbean islands, and social movements shake up the region as it faces an acute economic crisis. France is in urgent need of unskilled labour. It organizes a massive immigration drive from the Caribbean to the mainland. This is the era of BUMIDOM (French Immigration office), and for the next 20 years, it provides postal workers, customs employees, public transit workers, cleaning women, etc. Today, these French Caribbean people hold French identification cards, but it is odd that they are still associated with immigrants.Exiles speak about struggles, success and failure, their hopes and the difficulty of being both French and black, in other words, an outsider.

Produced by : Cinema Public Filma, Doriane Films

Cast: Aimé Césaire, Henry Bangou, Lilian Thuram, Daniel Boukman

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  • immigration, identity