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Histoire d’un Malaise Luc Laventure, Mérapi productions, RFO 2009 | Guadeloupe, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

On 20th January, an unprecedented social conflict was beginning in Guadeloupe. Two weeks later, Martinique would itself enter into what was left of one of the major crises in the history of the French Caribbean. There were protests against the high cost of living, excessive profit-making (in creole, la Pwofitasyon), demands for wage increases, and there were so many claims made, that for over 40 days, the population came out into the streets. However, in addition to a social conflict, this crisis comes about because it highlights inequality and abuse, and it reveals a deep malaise related to identity, which has to a great extent been inherited from history.

Produced by : Mérapi productions, RFO

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  • social unrest