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Gwo ka l'âme de la Guadeloupe Caroline Bourgine, Olivier Lichen, Yves Billon, films du Village 2005 | Guadeloupe, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

The beat of Gwoka drums has resounded in Guadeloupe since the first slaves arrived on the island. Rooted in the island’s rural history, this musical tradition that had long been rejected today symbolizes the people’s reconquest of their deep identity. An increasingly wider segment of the population finds their way to the soirées lèwoz, and they are captivated by the challenges thrown out during the night by the drummers, singers and dancers.

Produced by : Yves Billon, films du Village

Cast: Akiyoka, Carnot, Eric Cosaque, Henri Délos, Kan'nida

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  • traditional music, music, identity, musician