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Doris’ days (Los días de Doris) Abdiel Colberg, Ileana Ciena 2000 | Puerto Rico | Spanish |
| Fiction

Doris is a hardworking and honest woman, divorced and mother of two teenagers whom she adores but doesn’t understand. After a bad relationship with her husband, she no longer trusts men. She lives only for her children, but they’re living their own lives. One day, Doris learns that things can get better.

Produced by : Ileana Ciena

Cast: Cordelia González, Braulio Castillo Jr, Raúl Dávila, Alba Raquel Quijano, Velda González, Yezmyn Luzzed, Kidany Lugo

  • keywords:
  • divorcee, mother, family, adolescents, failed marriage, trust, hope