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Countryman Dickie Jobson, Chris Blackwell, Island Films 1982 | Jamaica | English |
| Narrative Feature

"Countryman" is the story of a fisherman whose quiet life is irrevocably changed when he rescues a young American couple from their plane crash in Jamaica. He leads them away from the authorities, and the nefarious Colonel Sinclair, who have fabricated a story about the plane, involving drug and arms smuggling by the CIA, to gain popularity in an upcoming election. Countryman is unceremoniously tossed into a political plot and has to use his knowledge of the terrain and his innate survival skills to overcome his unfortunate situation.

Produced by : Chris Blackwell, Island Films

Cast: Hiram Keller, Carl Bradshaw, Basil Keane, Freshey Richardson

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  • drug trafficking, arms trafficking, CIA, elections, politics, gimmick, adventure