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Black Joy Anthony Simmons, Kastner-Milchan, West One 1977 | UK | English |
| Narrative Feature

"Black Joy" is a lightly ironic, British culture-clash comedy. At the centre is Ben, a young, innocent and unsophisticated Guyanese immigrant who is exposed to the hustlin' way of life of the Brixton ghetto. Ben is under the delusion that life will be easier for him in London but, as soon as he sets foot in England, he gets tangled up in one disaster after another. The catalyst for most of our protagonist's travails is "assimilated" Caribbean man Dave, a streetwise con artist.

Produced by : Kastner-Milchan, West One

Cast: Norman Beaton, Trevor Thomas, Floella Benjamin, Dawn Hope, Oscar James, Paul Medford, Linda Lewis, Kevin O'Shea, Vivian Stanshall

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  • West Indian immigrants, Guyanese, culture clash, UK, Brixton ghetto, hustler