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A Hand Full of Dirt Russell Watson, Lisa Harewood 2010 | Barbados | English |
| Narrative Feature

Archie Redman is chasing a fading dream. In his obsession to hold on to his failing business he has sacrificed everything. His marriage is broken, his debts have risen beyond his reach and he has a severely damaged relationship with his father. Thousands of miles away, Archie’s son Jay faces worries of his own. Recently graduated from university, Jay is penniless in a cold, unforgiving city, unable to work until his father pays his school debts. Suddenly, an opportunity to secure his future presents itself, but to take it he must commit the ultimate act of betrayal.

Produced by : Lisa Harewood

Cast: Alwin Bully, Nigel Scotland, Luther Bourne, Marcia Burrowes, Cynthia Wilson, Suzette Mayobre, Ronald L. Connor

Awards: "Reelchoice Audience Award" - Reelworld Film Festival, Toronto, 2011.

  • keywords:
  • family relations, poverty, debt, unfulfilled dreams, rural