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83 Million Gees Mahadeo Shivraj, Mahadeo Shivraj 2012 | Guyana | English |
| Narrative Feature

"80 Million Gees" is a comedic tale about a multi-racial group of Guyanese who feel economically deprived by the political process and resort to stealing $83 million dollars from the Central Bank to avenge a system and government that has neglected their needs. But they quickly learn that the most difficult part of the operation is not the heist, but dispersing the spoils to the people.

Produced by : Mahadeo Shivraj

Cast: Mahadeo Shivraj,
Sheron Taylor,
Derek Gomes,
Michael Ignatius,
Sandra Ramdeo,
Chris Gopaul,
Mark Kazim

  • keywords:
  • racial issues, satire, politics, corruption, bank robbery, loot, power, theft