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60 miles to the East (60 millas al Este) Jorge Lendeborg, Jorge Lendeborg, Tony Bacigalupe 2008 | Dominican Republic | Spanish |
| Documentary

A reality film that gives an account of the lives of a group of 28 persons who risk it all in their pursuit of financial improvement and who persevere in their endeavour to reach the so-called “Island of Enchantment”, braving the perilous waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Produced by : Jorge Lendeborg, Tony Bacigalupe

Cast: Ramón Fernández, Ángel Familia, Martha Fría, María Victoria Carpio, Neida Altagracia, Santa Clara Familia, Alfredo Jiménez, Yuverkis Francesca, Andrea Rivera, Noelia García

  • keywords:
  • migration, dreams and aspirations, borders, sea voyage